The Quebec aerospace industry is launching an unprecedented awareness campaign to attract the talents of tomorrow

More than 50 players in the Quebec aerospace industry are mobilizing to arouse the interest of the next generation

MONTREAL, September 7, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Aéro Montréal, Quebec’s aerospace cluster, and more than 50 aerospace players have joined forces to meet the challenge of the labor shortage. As part of International Aerospace Week at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the collective is launching a major awareness campaign to attract and retain the next generation in aerospace.

Growing labor needs

The Quebec aerospace sector will have to fill 38,000 jobs over the next decade. According to the latest census conducted by the Sectoral Committee for Aerospace Workforce (CAMAQ), more than 30 professional groups are currently understaffed or will be understaffed within two years. From engineering to production, including maintenance, Quebec companies have to fill multiple positions.

“The 210 Quebec companies in the industry currently represent more than 35,000 jobs and plan to expand in the years to come. Gathered around this talent attraction campaign, the members of the cluster demonstrate their common objective: to find specific solutions to strengthen our pool of talent, one of the fundamental pillars of the industry”, underlines Steeve Lavoie, president of the board of directors of Aéro Montréal and president and chief executive officer of Bell Textron Canada Ltée.

In collaboration with the Bleublancrouge agency, the collective decided on a disruptive approach to attract the next generation. Their primarily digital campaign will feature influencers for the first time, as well as industry workers.

The promise of a sustainable environment

Through this campaign, industry players also intend to highlight the transformation that has been underway for several years. The initiative will highlight the efforts of industry participants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide more inclusive and diverse work environments. Additionally, part of the campaign will target girls and young women interested in entering the industry.

In line with current societal challenges, the industry is betting on new modes of propulsion, alternative fuels, new materials and even new aerostructures. The students and workers who will join our ranks over the next few years will have the pleasure of experiencing the effervescence of an industry that is making its transformation a reality,” declared Suzanne M. Benoît, President of Aéro Montréal.

“Handling more than 75% of Canadian research and development (R&D), the Quebec aerospace sector is already positioning itself as an industry of choice to offer stimulating jobs that will lead to a global revolution in aerospace. While establishing the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in our organizations, we show the next generation that in addition to offering jobs of the future, we also create work environments that promote their development,” adds Hélène V. Gagnon, Member of the Board of Directors of Aéro Montréal and Chief Sustainable Development Officer and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, CAE.

The recruitment campaign was designed by Aéro Montréal in collaboration with AAR Corp, Abipa international, Aéroports de Montréal, Airbus Canada, Air Transat, Altitude Aerospace, APN, Avianor, Avior, Bell Textron Canada Ltd., CAE, CAMAQ, CFP des Moulins, CMC Electronics, Collins Aerospace, CRIAQ, CS Group, Delastek, Desjardins, Montreal Aerospace Trades School (ÉMAM), National Aerotechnical School (ÉNA), Flying Whales, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, GE aviation , Héroux-Devtek, Howmet Aerospace, Hutchinson, L3 Harris, Let’s Warp, Lisi, Lockheed Martin, Marinvent, MDA, Groupe Meloche, MHIRJ, MirabelOptima Aero, Polycontrols, Polytechnique Montreal, Pratt & Whitney CanadaRolls-Royce, SAF+ Consortium, Women’s Affairs Secretariat, Siemens Energy, Sonaca, Stelia and Thales.

About Aero Montreal

Created in 2006, Aéro Montréal is a strategic think tank that brings together all the major decision-makers in the Québec aerospace sector, including companies, educational and research establishments, as well as associations and unions.

Aéro Montréal’s activities are made possible thanks to the participation of the governments of Canada and Quebec, the metropolitan communityas well as the member companies of the cluster.

SOURCE Aero Montreal

For further information: Léa Guicheteau, Aéro Montréal, 514-550-7494, [email protected]

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