Testing of CU alerts scheduled for September 15

A UC Police Department vehicle parked outside Farrand Hall on campus. (Robert Tann/CU Independent)

The University of Colorado at Boulder will conduct a semi-annual test of the CU Alerts system this Thursday, September 15 at 12:20 p.m., notifying community members via text, email, and select desktop applications.

The CU Alerts system is part of the university’s compliance with the federal Jeanne Clery Campus Safety Policy Disclosure Act and the Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) which requires CU Boulder timely announces most campus safety issues to the University community. . This test is a requirement of the Clery law.

The university is required to disclose safety issues such as threats of violence, natural disasters, and severe weather warnings.

CU alerts are only available via text messages sent to the student’s or CU Boulder employee’s phone. To register for the CU Alerts system, follow the respective steps for students and for employees.

The message delivery infrastructure behind CU Alerts is also used for CU Advisories, which provide information about non-immediate or life-threatening events like campus closures.

CU Alerts focuses only on campus threats and concerns. For off-campus threats, the City of Boulder, in conjunction with the City of Longmont, has implemented the Everbridge Alert System, which will alert subscribers to citywide threats.

This focus on only threats on campus has raised some concerns among CU Boulder students and staff, who have criticized the university’s response times when issuing alerts or for not notifying members. of the community in the event of an off-campus emergency.

“The university has shown a lack of care by providing little or no information on any of these [off-campus] incidents,” read a petition to expand the CU alerts system to encompass a 2-mile radius around the school following reports of gunshots on University Hill in December last year.

In response to the petition, CU Boulder recommended using Everbridge and local news for information on off-campus events, and emphasized that “we rely on police, firefighters, and other emergency responders… to help keep [our off-campus students] sure”.

No adjustments were made to the CU Alerts system in response to the petition.

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