GREG GUTFELD: Do you really need to shoot a horror movie like “Scream” in New York when it’s already there?

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Happy Friday to everyone. Yeah, you’re fantastic. Well, I’m talking to myself again. So they’re doing another one of those “Scream” movies and listen to this, they’re moving the set to New York. We went to Brian Kilmeade for a comment.


Something is clearly wrong with him. I mean, aside from her personality, looks, and career choice. But according to one cast member, setting the film in this city will make it 20 times more mortifying. Yeah no —-. All you have to do is turn on that damn camera and point it at any street, and if there’s not a burning Fox News Christmas tree in your way, and just hope Don’t someone beat you senseless and steal your camera before you’re done.

How has New York been lately? Well, you have machete attacks. You have gangs on dirt bikes, robbing people in broad daylight. You found yourself homeless. And it’s right in Kat’s apartment. You have sick people who push people in front of the trains. You have transients hitting the elderly. You have Jesse Watters hanging out on Sixth Avenue, hoping you’ll recognize him. Don’t give him any money, or he’ll give you a copy of his book. Repugnant.


So, these days, do you really need to shoot a horror movie in New York? Especially “Scream”? It’s already here. Look at this tape. It’s a robbery that happened in New York yesterday, you see under that circle, well, all the robbers there, they’re wearing “Scream” masks as they rob the place. So I guess the good news is that the production team won’t need a costume department. But, you know, that must be a problem for filmmakers. How can they surpass reality? How do you create a New York movie set that’s scarier than the set itself? You know, it’s like opening a Domino’s in Rome. It’s rather good.

One of the armed robbery suspects was wearing a gruesome mask and what appeared to be an assault rifle.

Alright, alright, that’s like trying to make a heart attack scarier by saying “boo.” How about that? It’s like trying to make a horror movie about Joy Behar’s sex life. What I mean is it’s scarier in real life. Yeah. I should have led with that one. But a horror movie shouldn’t have horror at first. You have to prepare for this, don’t you? But New York is awful from start to finish, which was also the Emmy criticism.

So they say this latest install will follow four survivors as they begin a new chapter in the sinister apple, they call it the bloodiest “Scream” yet. It was either that or do the thing in San Francisco where it would be the poopiest “Scream” yet. I would have said —-, but I was trying to modify myself.

Now I live in New York, I don’t need a horror movie, I have the subway station. I don’t ride it, but I pee in it sometimes, and it gets dangerous. Sometimes I have real zombies on my street, maniacal, agitated, angry, and it’s just all the employees that CNN just let go.

But citizens are at the mercy of humans who exist independently of law and civility. Remember those classic Great Depression photos we saw? We never thought it could happen again, except it’s here, and we have the visuals, and it’s worse because, like Kat’s hair extensions, it’s self-inflicted. I guess the streets have become so safe that we have forgotten why progressive politicians decided the way things worked was no longer necessary. So they threw in the laws, and now we’re plummeting into an ambivalent abyss that’s deeper and darker than Michael Moore’s navel. Oh yeah. Think about it. You can put a whole finger in there, and it will pay for it.


Those people on the streets of the Depression, they were fathers and brothers, veterans, today, maybe that’s a tiny part of that, but no, they’re not people looking for a use. Employers aren’t looking for a guy who spits on people in a stairwell. That’s why Keith Olberman is still unemployed. But hey, people love horror movies, it’s escapist entertainment. So you want a really scary movie. This one, okay? It’s scarier than anything Hollywood puts out, it’s a doorbell video of a woman being attacked by three men on a Chicago street, and it’s been turned into a campaign ad directed by a conservative SuperPAC. Here’s just a little bit.


It’s a horror movie. The only difference is that there was no one to shout “cut”, to end the scene. And it upsets everyone you expect. The media and the Democrats, for example, do not like to be shown the results of their disastrous ideas. In fact, they are more unhappy with the video than the crime itself. Maybe they will try to censor it and call the makers terrorists. And why? Because every time you report a crime, you point out how these —– liberal mayors have let you down and they have no choice but to hire their own private security.

They will make a federal case on pronouns while dropping attempted murder cases to misdemeanors. The governor called the ad disgusting and why, because it is real and politicians like him are not. They prefer rhetoric, symbolism, and empty phrases like “America’s Soul,” “The Big Lie,” “Threat to Democracy,” and my favorite “dog-headed pony soldier.”

Osamah Aldhabyani was assaulted during his shift at the Blue Moon convenience store.

Osamah Aldhabyani was assaulted during his shift at the Blue Moon convenience store.
(NYPost/William C Lopez)

But this video is reality, and it’s time reality took over the fantasies that think the real dangers are moms at school board meetings or truckers in red hats. It’s funny you don’t see them on that doorbell, cam. Of course, left-wing groups claim that advertising uses victims as political pawns. Yeah, because it’s not like they did that with George Floyd or Michael Brown. The fact is, Democrats exploit more victims than personal injury lawyers. Sorry, Emily.


You know, remember the line, “never let a crisis go to waste?” It was first said by Rahm Emanuel and later plastic surgeon Nancy Pelosi, but only liberals can exploit a crisis because they are the ones who create them. So yes, this ad, which aired during a Bears game, shocked viewers. But that’s the point. Perhaps you will pay attention to crime if it appears in your living room.

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