Free payday loan! Check!

  Diloan introduced a free payday payday loan! New customers have the chance to receive a short-term loan of up to PLN 1,500. The loan period is 30 days. The first loan in Diloan up to PLN 1,500 for free! Customers have the chance to receive their first payday loan for free. Income Certificates? Not […]

4 incidents that can trick you with your credit card

While credit cards are a very useful tool for the acquisition of goods and services, as well as for creating credit history, we cannot forget that we must give them adequate management to keep finances under control. Management to keep finances Although it is not something of every day, there are certain situations that are […]

Term Loan

A term loan is the most common type of loan offered by banks and lenders around the world. Simply put, these loans allow you to borrow a lump sum of money and repay it over a fixed period of time with regular payments. Oftentimes, it is one of the best ways for small and medium […]

Alternatives to Pre-granted Loans

If you want to find a type of financing that is always accessible, there are not only permanent loans. There are other financing products that have this feature of being always accessible and that may suit you more if a pre-granted loan does not. Let’s see what they are:   Payroll advances Payroll advances are […]

Scams with credit insurance.

Have you ever had a non-secured loan creditor ask you to pay for the insurance before you receive the loan? Unfortunately, this is a scam that we see more and more often. Scammers often tend to appear when the economic situation is more difficult. In order to help you avoid this kind of scam, we […]

How many credit cards should I have at most?

The phone rings and on the other side of the line a very friendly voice offers you a card with good interest rates and exclusive benefits. “What a father!” Is your first thought, but then an emergency siren starts ringing in your head reminding you that you already have a plastic. “Would it be so […]

5 tricks to become debt free

When it comes to money, it is easy for things to get worse. Maybe you intended to pay the bill for those vacations you took with a credit card, but an unexpected bill arrived and you are now in debt. The good news is that in Sean Cole we have found several ways to help […]

Single Loans: An Overview of Financials

Salary-backed loans or by proxy loan Even if most financial companies grant loans more easily by salary-backed loans or by proxy loan in the face of greater guarantees deriving from the repayment of amounts, today there are financial companies specialized in personal loans. A very distinctive trait, given that in a recent past, personal loans […]